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Summer Dreams at Crabtree Cottage

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. ”  John Steinbeck

We sure are enjoying the beautiful late spring weather here in the Berkshires! Everything is lush spring green and the spring flowering trees and bulbs have been glorious! One of the greatest things about spring is tending to the garden. This year more than ever it seemed an arduous task.  Early spring is a rare occasion in the Berkshires but this year was exceptionally delayed and we were extremely busy with so many of our daughter Julia’s College Graduation activities.  Luckily when we have so many outdoor chores to do we do get an instant dose gratification and great exercise.  All of the sudden there is a burst of magic right before your eyes, you realize you are in a state of bliss ~ Summer bliss!

“If you tickle the earth with a hoe she laughs with a harvest.”  Douglas Jerrold


Lilac and peony

Yellow Iris


The Crabtree Cottage Herb Garden

Spring at the Crabtree

photoWe now have an artist in residence here at Crabtree Cottage!  Of course we always have,  but now it is an official title! Julia, our daughter just graduated, with a Studio Art Degree, from The University of Massachusetts.  Of course her art has been decorating our home and many of my guests have been following her for years. They have watched the transitions and milestones over the years and of take great delight in her progress and creativity.  While she is transitioning from college to “the real world” as a ceramist,  we are setting up a launching pad here. Her little studio, Julia Keenan Designs,  has a kiln and a wheel and she has been preparing for an upcoming show at the Former Gallery,  a gallery in West Stockbridge Massachusetts.

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Here are a few pictures from her thesis show and opening at the Hampton Gallery at UMASS.

Our girl!
Our girl!



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