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Spring Projects & Updates

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy, Ann Karenina
 Max says, “please stop winter now!” I have promised him no matter what we are not going to put on his coat or his booties again, until next winter.  I hope the weather will cooperate because there isn’t a more disappointed face than when Max has to sport his booties!
We have so many exciting spring projects ahead of us.  We can’t wait until our summer guests arrive to see all of the makeovers we have done! Soon after the holidays we undertook our living room! It had been on the list for the last few winters, but it was such a daunting task that we always seemed to avoid it.  The “look” was begining to feel very dated, and we finally had enough!
~ Living Room Before ~
After ~  Herb Garden Green ~ Viola!
Max loves this spot!
I almost repainted the living room the same color because of these labor intensive booksheves. We had a painter paint the living room, but we tackeled the shelves ourselves! We had a limited window of opportunity for the painter and had to juggle weekend guests without disrupting our entire house with all of these books and nicknacks! We took the opportunity to clean, sort and downsize our chachki collections! We are loving the simplicity and freshness so much. We have decided to wait before we hang any pictures.
I think upolstering this loveseat made my livingroom complete. It sometimes costs more to upholster furniture than buy new, but I would have never found a piece with this much character or personality in any funiture shop. It was worth the investment to us to re-do such a unique piece. Personality Plus ~ that’s what it says!

Now the stained glass piece stands out more which was an unexpected bonus because of the green.  This piece belonged to Saint George’s Church right here on Franklin St.  It was removed to make a handicap accessible ramp. One Sunday afternoon there was an auction in the park and Jeff was the highest bidder! What we were going to do with this gem was not the question – Jeff wanted it and that was that! When asked what he was going to do with it he responded, “I’m sure I’ll find something.”  Within a minute of arriving home, he knew that this doorway would be the perfect place. Without a moments hesitation he was measuring, and to his surprise it fit perfectly. He only had to box it in. It is always a topic of conversation as to where it came from. We fell in love with the colors, especially the blue.  It seams more artful than religious to us, and we also respect it’s historical character.


Now of course we had to include the hall with our living room plan. Here it is before ~ Gold


After!  This time we used Forest Hills Green. A bit brighter incoporating the room, but keeping it seperate too. Will anyone notice? Probably not, but I happen to be obsessed/passionate about color, and it makes me happy!


Now onto The Master’s Chamber! This room has also been on that list.  Dated and ready for a makeover ~ here we go!  Before ~
~ During ~  Jeff has a full schedule with his own work, plus this on his time off. I think he may win employee of the year award again! I think a man with a tool belt on is one of the most impressive sights, don’t you?

~ During ~

Rugs are scheduled to be installed soon, so the clock is ticking! Jeff will also be re-tiling the bathroom floor.  We will have a facebook reveal and blog when we finish.  It is very exciting because this is the most extensive of all the makeovers.  I am so excited to share this with my repeat guests. I do hesitate to share it on my blog because I hate to take away the surprise when they arrive to their room remodeled. Some of my repeats have already booked for summer so maybe they won’t see this post.
Setting goals is the first step in turning the inisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins
This work has to be done before the real spring arrives! There are garden projects waiting in the wings too! When we finish up inside, we have lots of outside plans too! Maybe by then the iceburgs will have melted and we can get down to business!
We have a deck to rip off, and a patio to create to replace it! Here it is all lovely looking in the summer. Beneth it lurks the not so lovely rotted wood. Another job for dear old Jeff! Here is the before in the summer.
A rotting fence to replace too! This photo doesn’t show the peeling rotted wood of today!
It was such a pleasure to sink one’s hands into the warm earth, to feel at one’s fingertips the possibilities of the new season.”  – Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden
Of course, we have been eating well.   During March I served these scones to our guests. Instead of Irish Soda Bread, Irish Soda Bread Scones.  Pop over to my facebook page and get the recipe. Simple, delicous and very Irish!
I also have a couple of other surprises up my sleeve to share with my repeat guests, or perhaps intrique a future guest who might happen upon my blog.

Thank you for coming by my blog today.