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Creative & Fun Spring Projects at Crabtree


: small, comfortable, and warm

: friendly and pleasant

: suggesting or showing a closeness between two people, groups, businesses, etc. : very close



I remember when I first started my B&B, eighteen years ago, searching for a word to describe my B&B.  The word cozy kept coming up.  I learned in the advertising world that cozy was not a good B&B description. It was overused and too cutesy for some people.  Well, there really isn’t a better word, in my humble opinion, to describe my B&B. Yes, this is a gray shingled home, with a picket fence and a cottage garden, some might say cottage-y and even cutesy, but I think the feeling that people feel here is cozy!  Come along, I’ll show you how we have been cozying up around here.



Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.  Arthur Ashe

~ During ~
~ During ~

It all started with Jeff replacing the tiled ceiling, adding new crown molding and painting the rooom.  Then came the new carpet. A shopping trip to Pine Cone Hill, Pottery Barn, Lamps Plus, Country Curtains, Home Goods and our even our own home and…. Tada!



At first I had some white chairs in this space. When my father saw the new room he said it just wasn’t cozy.  Imagine that! So in moved the chairs destined for somewhere else in the house! Viola ~ cozy, cozy, cozy. This newer, slightly modern look I was seeking, needed more color.  He was spot on!

For the moment these are the only pictures I have of the new Master’s Chamber.  It is very difficult to take pictures of rooms without a professional for lighting and wide angles. I have that next project on my list.

Next, came another project for Jeff, the deck. The deck had been such a dissapointment from the get go.  The ceder that year had many issues with rotting. Our deck was very close to the ground, held too much moisture and I had chosen a solid stain.  Every year it took major sanding, board replacing and painting.  Well…. Jeff solved that problem!IMG_0798





The very best part of this low maintenance, gray stained cement patio with its composit railing system is…………



This garden gate!!  The railing system didn’t come with an acceptable gate. Pure ugly.  Well, that wasn’t going to work.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein

I remembered going to the Norman Rockwell Museum a few years ago and seeing a hand crafted and artsy gate display on the lawn. It was a vague memory for both of us, but it was very inspiring and whimsical.  I wanted Jeff to make one for me at the time, but no gates were needed.  The idea was in storage, somewhere deep down it was waiting to be created.  We of course needed a fun theme ~ a garden theme! This is what Jeff created!

Are you catching onto one of the themes of this blog yet?  Pop over to my facebook page and see who won the Crabtree Employee of the Year!!!IMG_0851

After a long and very cold winter we couldn’t wait to get our pool going.  Ugh. This year the lining was in very bad shape. Ought oh! We have realized we are already on borrowed time with this liner.  Eighteen years old, and every year we wonder as the cover comes off… with this be that year?  Not with Jeff around.  Out came the hair drying and lots of muscle!  Fixed! Notice his little assistant, Max offering his input.

Next came the new fence. Another story of wood that was eighteen years old!





As you can see lots of Spring projects are completed and we are looking quite fresh around here in our cozy cottage.

Here are some spring scenes from the garden.





These next garden photo’s are from my neighbors Sandy’s house.  She has a very English style garden that always inspires me.



 Respond to every call that excites your spirit. Rumi

Thank you for coming by my blog today.