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Crabtree Snapshots

“Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”
― Pablo Neruda100 Love Sonnets
Max enjoying a cigar on a beautiul summer night!
Simplicity at its best!
Lemon Olive Oil Cake ~ pop over to my facebook for the recipe.
Today for breakfast I offered a special cheese omlet topper ~ fresh basil, farmers market tomatoes sauted in olive oil, avacado, olives, and a twist of Himalayan salt. A big hit!
The Crabtree Dishwashing Team ~ Jeff! I really love this man!
“Do small things with great love.” Mother Theresa
“Basil ~ Basil ~ Basil. You can never have too much Basil!” Janis Monachina, lol
IMG_0958 IMG_0964 IMG_0966Years ago we went to Garden in the Woods. I bought these blue pholx (that look purple) and they are just starting to bloom! They last about a month ~ I adore them! I will post again in full bloom!
A passion flower! It closes up on cold rainy days
A smoothie bowl ~ we haven’t served these to guests, but perhaps one day someone will request a bowl of health! This was created by Julia. She loves to eat and cook healthy.  Always delicious  and nutritious! That’s our Jules!
One night she made us this wonder! A beet and bean falafel with a cilantro/basil sauce. An invention any true Greek restaurant would love to have on their menu! We had her make it the next night too! A new summer favorite!
i have lots of garden areas on my tiny 1/2 acre lot…… my herb garden may not be the show stopper, but it is my very favorite!  Subtle and very useful! Wild and Wonderful.  We have noticed a decline in the bee population.  We have about 10 bees at a time on a good day, compared to a guestimate of 100 at a time.
These ferns are as tall as I am.  No ~ don’t you dare! 5’3 is a tall fern!
Thank you for coming by my blog today ~ come back soon.