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Crabtree Cottage is now closed

We have very big news here at Crabtree Cottage. We are closing after nineteen years as a B&B. Although we do not know what the next adventure will be, we are excited about it. We have loved this little business with all of our heart and souls, and that is because we had such amazing customers. You have brought such joy and friendship to our B&B, and we truly are going to miss that beyond belief. We hesitated, we thought of creative ways to keep it going, but in the end we think the time to close has come. We are really looking forward to the freedom of zipping off to California to visit our daughter, summer weekends, and this new chapter at this time in our lives.  Reinventing ourselves and perhaps a new career is really an adventure. Who knows someday we may return with a twist to this hospitality business that has brought us such great rewards.

Opening our doors to complete strangers and becoming friends has been really inspiring to us. We have looked forward to your repeat stays as we would our dearest friends. We can’t thank you enough for putting your trust in us year after year. Sharing and letting us share our lives with you has been such a great gift to us.

Visit my blog,  ( which may also be reinvented at some point) to read more about closing our dearest, little treasure Crabtree Cottage!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Blessings to you all for a happy and healthy holiday season.

All of our love,

Janis & Jeff (Max and Margot too, of course!)

janis monachina