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For the Love of Books & a Dog Named George

A room without books is like a body without a soul. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I have an old section in my bookshelves of old books. We inherited them from this house, Jeff’s family home. They belonged to his mother and father, and some are quite old. One was published in the 1840’s, and one is a book of poetry so worn and barely held together, that belonged to a great grandfather.

The person, be it a gentleman or a lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid – (guess who?)

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suite me.  – C.S.Lewis

I blogged about Marie Kondo, the author of “The Art of Tiding Up” a few years ago. A book that took the world by storm, and now there is even a Netflix binge worthy series on it. I had followed her instructions, gave my whole house a tidying up, had a tag sale, and gave all my un-joyful objects, and lots of books away. I didn’t follow her instructions completely about the books, but I did let go of some.

Just last week my sister said she saw an article about NOT getting rid of your favorite books! The article was talking about the Marie Kondo series on Netflix! I guess I am not the only one who disagrees with her method. Thank goodness some people don’t believe everything they read, haha.

When I walk into my apartment at the end of a long day of work, I feel warm, greeted by tall windows (a rarity in New York city), yellow and gray decor, and my stuffed Harry Potter owl, Hedwig. But what truly brings me joy is the sight of my books—four towering stacks of them, to be exact.    Arianna Davis

A sneak peak at Reese

So, after my tidying up, and house renovation I became a bit critical of every single item on display – everywhere. For example, every picture that wasn’t real art, and only for the purpose of décor, was taken down. I liked the bare walls.

“Less is more.” – Robert Browning

This past Christmas after I bought a framed book binder print for a friend, I came home and started to visualize book binder prints for my living room. I started to see them on every bare space! Jeff went along with my vision, and off we went to The Museum Facsimile Store to purchase book prints that meant something to us both. We came home with six – and I am going back for another! I just love them. I think they have turned my living room, which is already a bit library-ish, into a very unique and cozy themed room, maybe with an English flair. I think I might write a book about the Art of Cluttering up!

I just love my books. I am one of those book readers that some people can’t imagine. I started Michelle Obama’s book from the back! I also have more than one book going at a time, usually on a stack of unread books! I have a few digital books too, but I must say, I just don’t enjoy that process.

I felt it shelter to speak to you.  – Emily Dickinson

Now, about my dogs. As you know they are my dearest loves. In my last blog, I shared a picture of them and the announcement of their arrival. And today I present George Edwin Keenan III.  Georges!

~ Recipe for our Pumpkin Pie Pancakes on this facebook page~

Not that Reese is second fiddle, as my mother would say, but because I could only get a good shot of him today. As you can see their black faces are hard to capture, along with George being a rambunctious puppy, and not staying still, he wrestles with Reese every time I try to get a picture of her. Next time Reese will be the star of the show.

George, baby g., Gigi, George Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

He is a sweet, lovable, smart, inquisitive, funny, adorable, naughty little boy – and we are head over heals in love with him.

Isn’t he gorgeous and handsome too?

My other dogs never came up with this one. He does love his bed, but since I am at the table working he thought this was a good idea. As you can see the chair we have had for 21 years, are without a mark or blemish, has been nibbled on by this sweet little devil.  Along with a dining room chair, a sweater, a bedcover, a this and a that! Hats gloves….. But something we didn’t expect was his howl! He howls at music that has saxophones, trumps and horns.  He says he was in a big old band in his last life!!  Full of the dickens, as my mom would say!

A year ago I didn’t think I could feel this type of dog joy again. I am happy to declare that our home is filled with that silly- dog-joy all day long! In my quest to heal my grief, I found baby George and my heart began to heal!

Memory is a magical constellation of the past that generates a new experience. Memory is not he storing of the past, but the storying of the present. – Lynda Sexon

Somehow the grief that was so raw and painful, turned to a deeper form of gratitude, that I can now feel towards them all.  My heart is so full!

I wish you all the happiest New Year with blessings of love of prosperity! xo